Clemens Frowein

Clemens Frowein

Smart strategies and solutions thrill me – those which inspire and motivate people.
Thinking the big picture and putting a lot of energy into action.

My Passion

Organizational development is the central thread in my more than 20 years of consulting practice. My special focus is on strategy, organizational design and innovation.

In strategy consulting, I support the bundling of entrepreneurial energies for future opportunities. Looking into the future is about discovering opportunities, developing options and focusing on smart strategies. Strategy work is usually an exciting and lively process. I always pay special attention to transformation as a source of energy for the organization.

Consulting in the field of organizational design is based on the ability to understand the social and technical system well – especially in the context of (strategic) requirements and challenges. The possibilities are manifold. There are no right or wrong organizations. It is all about modelling and profoundly weighing up the effects of different approaches. The design is never limited to the draft. In consulting, it is about thinking organizational changes through to the end – including the route of implementation and change. I look at people’s learning processes and new skills that are required to make new organisational concepts come alive and productive in everyday life.

Consulting in the field of innovation is my hobby and my passion. It is the combination of courage, enthusiasm, culture, processes and organization that fascinates me again and again. Creativity must be able to break new ground, decisions must be made boldly and at the same time rationally, timing and speed are critical to success, and all this with conceptual excellence. The overall composition in innovation management is decisive for the result and always the core of the consulting.

In my consulting work I try to see the people in organizations in the center. It is all about commitment, creativity, joint energy in the development of solutions and their implementation. It is about making a contribution to strengthen and advance the business, the organization and the people.


My Foundation

I studied industrial engineering in Darmstadt and business administration in Frankfurt. After an assistance with Prof. Michael Beer (Harvard University) I worked as assistant to the board and in various functions in a large system house. After a few years I changed to consulting at HLP Managementberatung, where I was a partner. Then I went into business for myself with Upgrade Organisationsentwicklungspartner  to be able to work even more with my own style and standards.

I live with my family in Berlin, I am an enthusiastic regatta sailor and golfer and I love to cook.