Jörg Eigenbrodt

Jörg Eigenbrodt

A storm shapes the personality,
a lull in character.

My Passion

After many decades as a consultant, I am still driven by the desire and pleasure to support people and organisations in their development in a spirit of partnership. My passionate ambition is to support and confront my clients professionally through difficult change processes to achieve the goals they have set themselves.

In my work I am always fascinated by the diversity of the people and organisational cultures for and with whom I work – whether in industrial or service companies, in social enterprises or organisations in the public and church sector. I accompany and coach people with leadership responsibility in their development, teams in dealing with conflicts or improving their cooperation, organisations and companies in the implementation of challenging projects and all-encompassing organisational developments up to complex transformation and strategy processes.


My Foundation

My life experience, which has grown over six decades, and my more than 20 years in the consulting profession are biographically significantly influenced by different professional experiences and the various stages of my education and training:

The study of sociology, psychology, philosophy and educational science, the doctoral studies as well as the scientific cooperation in a university research project.

After 17 years in leading positions in various organisations and companies, my desire for more independence led me into consulting in 1996. Since then I have taken on responsibility in various consulting firms as a partner, founder and temporarily also as managing partner.

In my “sideline” I am now – how could it be otherwise – the proud grandfather of two grandsons.