Business Coaching

Business Coaching

How do I get a realistic picture of my personal impact?
How can I develop new perspectives and behaviours that go beyond my own ideas? And how can I find unusual solutions?

New or unusually challenging job and life situations can lead to a situation where tried and tested ideas for solutions and familiar behaviour no longer get you anywhere, let alone to the desired goal. Then you have to start a dialogue with someone else outside your own head. Talking to a professional coach helps to grasp one’s own ideas and patterns, to understand their functions, to track down “energy thieves”, to raise hidden potentials and to develop new perspectives, appropriate forms of coping or intelligent problem solutions.

Business Coaching is a partnership-based, trustfully open and confidential conversation in private. We take the concerns of our coachee seriously without any judgement, respect his or her attitude, but always point out alternative ways of thinking and acting. In the end, business coaching is always about a critical examination of the realistic self. Such coaching requires the willingness to reflect on oneself as a person beyond one’s professional role, to question one’s own attitudes and actions and to develop oneself further as a manager and leader. After all, leading oneself and others wisely is a challenge that can be met more consciously with regular coaching sessions, i.e. with an incorruptible view from the outside.


Executive Coaching

C-level coaching largely focuses on special aspects of the conversation that are due to the exposed role of the coachee: Top managers should be inspiring, honest and convincing personalities who act and impact as such – in the way they communicate and decide. People in organizations want to be able to orient themselves by you; they should give you support and direction.

For these people, the great challenge is to gain the trust and confidence within the company, among business partners and the owners that they can lead companies and employees to success in the long term, even through crises. In doing so, they should be as approachable and sociable as they are charismatic and extraordinary. This requires a balancing act between closeness and distance, which is all the more successful the more clearly one is aware of the effects of one’s own actions. To achieve this clarity again and again in a critical dialogue is the object and goal of executive coaching.

With all our commitment to the matter at hand, we respect the limits of our previously agreed consultancy mandate in every coaching session

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