Strategy & Business Models

Strategy & Business Models

How do we understand the dynamics of our markets and technologies? What competitive advantages do we believe in? How do we design our business models of the future?

In our strategy work, we usually deal with the question of what the top management wants to focus on in terms of strategy and content in order to drive the company and the organisation forward in the best possible way in the future. Solid strategy work  is required  with a “look into the future” (trends, scenarios, etc.) and the examination of the resulting possibilities and opportunities (“strategic options”). This involves striking a balance between (a) the diverse preferences, ambitions, values, habits, assumptions and forecasts of the acting managers, people, shareholders and stakeholders and (b) the strategic scenarios and leverage considerations of how best to achieve the goals and values in a dynamic environment.

This perspective calls for an intelligent process architecture for strategy work, with contemporary arenas of opinion-forming and participation for those involved (management and staff), which at the same time enable clear management decisions to be made and achieve a strategic programme with high impact.  In the foreground are questions about the focus (e.g. on businesses, competencies, regions, etc.), advantageous positions and new business models, innovative operating models, possibilities and journeys  of transformation etc.

We support, develop and accompany such architectures with strategy design, mission statement development, business modelling, portfolio development, strategy implementation/transformation processes etc. We deliver strategic impulses and sensitive process support. Process and content-related consulting are very closely intertwined; we see ourselves as “moderators” of the strategy process, as well as impulse providers and strategists.




Markets & Technologies

Explore market trends, technology – developments and customer insights. Understanding spaces for future opportunities: Foreseeing in the face of increasing unpredictability, staying focused despite Big Data, with reason and intuition.


Strategy as a lively Process

repeatedly determine market positions and competitive advantages: Strategyzing. Designing the strategy process as a source of energy for business transformation. Co-Creation: Open Spaces, Future Days, Strategy Jams, Future Labs…


Business Model Innovation

Business Model Generation – with Design Thinking. Reinventing business again and again: New segments, innovative value proposition and operating models. We help to test new models faster and more agile in day-to-day business.

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